In this blog, we will see how to generate API token for MimePost.

Now Let's Learn What is API Token

API Token is an access token contains the security credentials for a login session and identifies the user, the user's groups, the user's privileges, and, in some cases, a particular application. Typically one may be asked to enter the access token rather than the usual password.

Why do we need MimePost API Token ?
Its authenticates us to access Mimepost API's for sending emails and many things we can do using API token which is in MimePost Official API Docs.

Lets do It step by step  

Firstly create an account on MimePost if you don't have one.

Now lets Generate API token

Go to => Integration => API Tokens

Then input API Token Label Name (here we wrote my_first_api_token as a Label Name) and your MimePost account password.

 Now you will see generated API Token with Label named my_first_api_token

Note : This API token won't be visible anymore in the future. To access the APIs please save a copy of this token.

Awesome Now you have generated API Token Successfully... Congrats !