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Open source and non-profits sponsorships

We love open-source and non-profit groups/individuals, working tirelessly to make this world a better place to live for everyone.

Many of the libraries and applications we use at MimePost are open source. That's gives us a feeling of belongingness and freedom.

On the other hand, when the global community is going through its most challenging times, it's those non-profits bringing us together to overcome various challenges.

For us, this act of togetherness always encourages us to give back to this wonderful community. As an organisation, we have pledged to extend our email sending services for free to open source and non-profit projects for a lifetime.

There is no hidden terms or conditions. Our product, services and policies are completely transparent.

Simple and Open Policies

  1. Sending any commercial emails for generating profits are not allowed under this sponsorship program.
  2. Email recipients should have given their consent to receive emails from your brand. In technical terms, sending cold emails on a purchased or procured email database is strictly against our policy.
  3. The maximum monthly allowed email under this sponsorship program is 10million. We have this limit to protect the system from any potential spamming activity. If you have a use case for sending more emails, please contact us for an additional extension.  Our team will be happy to revise these limits for your account.
  4. All outgoing emails while have a footnote saying. Email delivery powered by Mimepost.
  5. We would love to get listed on your website as an Email Technology Partner.

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